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COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and livelihoods - what can we do about it?

Address fear and uncertainty

Providing and communicating quickly adequate information increases confidence.

· Use transparency to spread confidence among staff, stakeholders and customers.
· Communicate authoritative, peer-reviewed and up-to-date information.
· Support your community when in need.

Offer guidelines and protocols

Everyone in the value chain needs to feel safe and to know how to act to prevent infection.

· Concise and hands-on information easy to grasp.
· Track and support users with our data analysis tools.
· Specific prevention and response procedures.

Standardise safety practices

COVID-19 is the same everywhere - hygiene can be too. Your workers will be equally safe anywhere.

· Content localised to adapt to the audience's language, culture and context.
· Scalable and fast to implement.
· Adaptable to all types of activities, tasks and duties.

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Inspire confidence by giving a helping hand.

High quality content

Based on data from reliable sources and reviewed by experts.

Responsive and multi-device

A seamless experience across all devices and operating systems.

UX/UI design

An intuitive interface where all the information you need is just one click away.

Inclusive learning

Text, images, video and voice overs so that no type of learner is left behind.

Assessment tools

Fun interactive quizes and games designed with the learner in mind.

Big data

Get all the data - we help you make sense out of it. Understand your workforce better.

What is it all about?

Authoritative information that does not overwhelm.

We develop Agile instructional material designed to make assimilation manageable.
Learn from the learners.

Gather data and analyse outcomes.

Our app measures learners' data to analyse their performance. This data can be correlated with the impact of what they learn on their everyday lives, helping you understand their dynamics as well as to plan safety policies accordingly.
  • Course completed
  • Course ongoing
  • COVID-19 positive
  • COVID-19 negative
  • COVID-19: recovered

Advantages for staff

· Customised area-specific data, including geolocation.
· Data protection of your staff's data.
· Clear instructions on going back to work.

Advantages for businesses

· Area and group-specific data on developments.
· Detailed tracking of usage, performance and results.
· Data correlation with successful impact on groups.

Advantages for the retail sector

· Updated data on pandemic developments.
· Analysis usable in safety campaigns and plans.
· Knowledge of outcomes by categories.

Watch our video tutorials.

Because humans learn by imitation.


N95 respirator.

Wearing gloves.

3D Videos.

Ensure secure working locations and environments.

Trace your workers anywhere.

Certifying that your staff has completed the safety training anywhere in the world is just a QR away.
Secure identification

Blockchain certified working certificates according to specific skills, tasks or positions.

Expiration alert

Manage your certifications better by getting notifications before they expire.

Third-party reliability

Ensure reliability of third party services from partners and providers.

Track progress

Dependable tracking system to record users' progress and outcomes.

Health passport

Personal certifications allow the quick identification of safe workers.

Better communication

Improve the communication between HR and external health services.

How can this extend to the entire industry?

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Stay next to your employees when they need you the most.

Track your employees health and help them in case of infection with our COVID-19 self-assessment test. Whether they test positive or negative, you can guide and accompany them step by step with the help of healthcare professionals.

Get to know us

Strategic Thinking is an eLearning consulting firm that in collaboration with health and safety and IT companies seeks to develop an app that can address the issues raised by its main clients. Together with them and their professionals we have been working on this solution.

Total HSE

Training and emergency training company, specialised in the wind energy sector.

Training Added Value

Safety training company for government security forces, armies, and firefighters.


IT consulting company for global tech solutions. Specialises in Big Data, Blockchain, app development and process optimisation.

Fire Control Protect System

Engineering consulting company specialised in safety and hazard signalling projects.


Safety training with the latest mobile units. Specialises in firefighting, chemical, bacteriological and nuclear safety.

Previnsa Safety Events

Safety company that specialises in rescues and intervention during emergencies in industry and public events.

Our solution for you

The companies involved in this project have sought to present a solution that could be adjusted to their clients, among which stand out:

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